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We are CAPTAIN Tractors, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of compact tractors in India. Our mini compact tractors are assembled using high quality tested raw materials and components according to industry standards. Our durable compact tractors made in India require low maintenance costs and accessories are well known for their dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance. These tractors are competitive and affordable for small farmers. In short, our compact mini tractors are clear evidence of rapid progress and complement your overall farming business.

It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of compact tractors in India and has been producing mini tractors since 1994. Our compact tractors are thoroughly tested by the quality team in India for different quality parameters. Our Mini Agriculture tractors are fuel-saving and environmentally friendly products at attractive industry-leading prices for valued customers. The functionality of Mini Farm tractors can be customized according to customer demand and requirements. Of course, our mini tractor is a profitable solution for small farmers, increasing overall productivity and product quality.


Why choose CAPTAIN Tractors?

CAPTAIN Tractor is named as Chotta Tractor in India.
CAPTAIN Tractor, Grape spraying, Inter planting etc. It is most suitable as a Vineyard Tractor app.
CAPTAIN Tractor is quite popular as Orchard Tractor
Our mini tractor is capable of handling most of the agricultural work.
This tractor is also called Baghban Tractor in India
Due to its compact size and low weight, this tractor is most suitable for sorting purpose
CAPTAIN Horticulture Tractor Very Useful for variant horticultural applications such as Spray, Rotavator, etc.
Due to its low weight, this tractor is popular as Light Tractor
This tractor is most suitable for all power supply of tractor application, so we call it Multi Purpose Tractor
Many commercial applications are also available with this Commercial Tractor Loader, Trailor, Backhoe, Dozer, etc.
In many farmhouses, this Tractor is known as Farm Tractor, which is useful in transportation as well as agricultural use as Farm Tractor.
It is very economical in nature and requires less maintenance than other regular tractors.
This Nano Tractor is very useful in the small HP Tractor Segment
We offer support and assistance to all our customers.
Great services, products and support from a leading tractor manufacturer.

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