In 1995, Hasan Özdemir carried out, spraying pump systems, then ILPOSAN LTD. Sti. has become the most reliable company in the sector.
İLPOSAN entered the agricultural sector with spraying machines in a 50 m2 area and today continues its production with the annual consumption of 100 tons of raw materials with 30-50 personnel in the enterprise which has a closed area of 2.700 m2.
Ilposan develops its product range with its R & D activities. Currently; 1,5 lt Mini, 2,5 lt Midi, 5 lt Maxi, 6 lt Sahara, 16 lt Genlop, 16,5 lt Scissor and 20 lt Tasar products have been added “Electric Spraying Pumps..
corporate structuring İLPOS completed in 2005, the whole of Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and reaching out to other European countries also bears than anywhere proud to contribute to the national economy.
Without compromising its principles, İLPOSAN is developing with the power of providing new products with each passing day.
Having a clean and strong commercial background, İLPOSAN aims to innovate and strengthen with years of production experience. Our company, which follows the technology and innovations closely, not only develops the corporation and machinery park, but also prioritizes the establishment.
Within a short time, and the industry grew in Turkey, the maximum pump having the kind of industry that will İLPOS compromising quality and güvenililirlig.

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