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PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

  • Industriegelände 1 A-4710 Grieskirchen - Austria
  • +43 7248 6000

About Us

PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

PÖTTINGER is an Austrian family-owned company that contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production and that acts as a partner on whom its customers can rely. Customer care is not just a slogan at PÖTTINGER - we promote it actively in all our business relationships. People come first as far as PÖTTINGER is concerned. Their central role guarantees that new products meet the very highest expectations. Because many of our employees have their roots in agriculture, they know what is expected of agricultural machinery from their own experience. The combination of employee know-how and the ongoing integration of experience and wishes from our customers is the guarantee for professional solutions - for tomorrow's challenges.

Living agricultural technology

With outstanding working results, we enable each of our customers to experience PÖTTINGER as a leading and innovative agricultural technology brand! Our objective is to make work easier for customers and enable sustainable farming. Our products and services offer the highest possible quality because we are leaders in manufacturing methods and technology. "Living agricultural technology" is the basis for all our actions and the success of our customers is our objective. And has been since 1871.

We are specialists in grassland, tillage and seed drill technology. We create advantages for our customers with tractor brand independent mounted, implement-mounted and trailed machinery and the associated services. Farmers, large farms, contractors, machinery rings and associations in the arable and mixed agricultural regions and climate zones of the world - they are all our customers. Our wide range of products enables us to match the specifications of the different life styles and working conditions of our customers, from small mountain farms in the Alps, to huge operations on the plains in Ukraine or Canada. In the areas of agricultural technology in which we specialise, we want to be leaders in offering high quality for the best value for money.  

As a family-owned company, PÖTTINGER takes its responsibility for future generations and the environment seriously.

We value all those concerned and respect their interests. 


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