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Spapperi N.T. S.r.l.

  • Via Pietro Ercolani, 5 b 06012 Città di Castello PG - Italy
  • +39 075 85 78 156

About Us

Spapperi N.T. S.r.l.

Spapperi N.T. S.r.l. was established in 1964 and has exported its products to many different countries and achieved good results. The registered office, about 4.000 m², was opened a few years ago and is located in Z.A. San Secondo 06012 Citta di Castello, Province of Perugia.

Founded in 1964 in the municipality of Città di Castello as metal machinery production firm, Spapperi company was the result of entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Aldo Spapperi, its founding member, and Spapperi brothers Dino, Carlo and Filippo.
In the first years of its operation, the firm carried out generic metal machinery processing but then it began to plan and fabricate agricultural machineries used for mechanization process of tobacco cultivation, one of the greatest resource of the territory.
In the years that followed and on the basis of a solid experience gained by different markets, the production is defined in two specific core features:

A complete line of equipment for tobacco cultivation such as: transplanters, hoeing and earthing up machines, trimmers, machineries to treat and pinch plants, harvesters, assembly systems, ovens for drying, sorting and packaging systems.


Pneumatic and mechanic seed drills combined to mulching ones;

Transplanters new and complete line to transplant in row spacing plantation layouts or in open field quincux or mulching of seedlings in seed cells, with conical, cylindrical, pyramidal also pressed, plugs, bare-root seedlings, cuttings, rootlings and in a pot fruit trees, seeds, bulbs and garlics;

Inter row and inter plant cultivator machines;

Manual and mechanic ridging machines;

Fertiliser and sub fertiliser placers, and hose collectors;

Towed harvesters for medical plants;

Single, double or on equipped tank crops conveyor belts.

The experience gained over the years through the market challenges and the continuing demand for customisation of the machineries in order to solve the most different kind of problems, this has allowed the Spapperi company to reach such considerable competences to make its technical office an excellence and a point of reference for the development of new technologies to employ in the agriculture.

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Online Catalog
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en Raccoglitrice-RA741 Download 869 KB Raccoglitrice-RA741
en Cimatrice-JS-120 Download 486 KB Cimatrice-JS-120
en Raccogli-manichetta-TRM2 Download 469 KB Raccogli-manichetta-TRM2
en Trapiantatrice-T Download 307 KB Trapiantatrice-T


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