Daş Ömer Akdaş Makina, who is the founder of Akdaş Machine Gun Industry, learned all kind of refinement and repair of shotguns and shotguns from the masters of the period and opened his own rifle workshop in 1948. Akdaş, who has received acclaim with his mastery, is the chief craftsman who realized the production of the first Turkish-made farm. Recognized and appreciated by Turkish hunters during the period he worked, Akdaş played an important role in improving the quality of the sector over time.

After 1975, with the participation of his son Sadık Akdaş, he expanded his own workshop and repaired all kinds of domestic and foreign rifles. His father's a life skill to learn every single detail, saying that integrated with rifle from the age of 13 "Loyal Akdaş", the first time in Turkey in 1988, has produced the kinetic system semi-automatic shotgun. In 2004, again for the first time full-producing double and flintlock hunting rifle were superimposed in Turkey Turkey print the name in golden letters in the history. Throughout his career, he has become the sole craftsman who can safely deliver all kinds of domestic and foreign shotguns for repair and maintenance and has become indispensable for hunting rifle owners.

In 1987, with the participation of im Selim Akdaş modern, modern industrial series production was started from the workshop and the machine network was expanded. Along with this potential, spare parts are produced for different industries besides shotguns. Akdaş has worked with world famous shotgun manufacturers until today and has proven its reliability in the international arena. Since 2013, it has been producing high quality spare parts for automotive and machinery sectors thanks to its wide machine park.

Today, Akdaş Weapons; Turkish fighter / shooter with quality, foreign hunters / shooters with the quality of Turkish made rifles are working hard to bring together. It is also proud to play an important role in our national defense industry. With more than half a century of experience, there is no doubt that it has overcome it.

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