Destan Nakliyat was established in 2000 under the leadership of Yahya TEKE in logistics services and established a transportation company that complements quality and trust with each other. In this direction, we have come to the 2015 corporate identity have completed these days, and most preferred company shipping company selected all across Turkey, especially Ankara.

Each service area 100% customer satisfaction by targeting the best quality equipment and expert staff in our area throughout Turkey together with the local, national insurance, carpenters, providing packaged transportation services. Unlike other transportation companies in the market, we continue to serve you with our quality service and best price policy for our customers.

15 years of experience and experience, combining our corporate identity with our experienced staff and the latest model transport vehicles we offer all services we offer professionally.

All transportation from home to home across provincial borders of Turkey, partial goods transport, lift, transport, storage and home office furniture as it continues its epic Transport professionals working in many services. You can take advantage of our free appraisal service in order to carry our customers' belongings flawlessly.

Institutional goods transportation requires seriousness and responsibility. In this respect, we would like to state that choosing a good transportation company will always provide you with profit. Because advanced transport companies are the companies put forward by powerful organizations. We are one of the leading companies that give importance to quality and diversity with our best vehicles and equipments in their transportation experience for many years. We are proud of providing services to individuals and SMEs in this field. If you are yet to meet with Destan Nakliyat company, we will be glad to meet with you.

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