Since 1885, more than 20 million bicycles have been built in Bielefeld. This success story began with the industrial development of the city in the late 19th century, following the expansion of the city with the bicycle production of numerous companies. In the late 1920s the industry in Bielefeld would grow to more than 100 bicycle manufacturers. The enthusiasm of cycling, even then defined the city view. His passion for cycling was already evident in 1885 during the construction of Bielefeld's first bicycle track. At that time daredevil races were held at the Gadderbaumer race track. The 1953 construction cycle track on Heeper Road is quite different. The Hochradbahn is like 333.33 meters long. It is one of the fastest concretes in Europe due to their high-order turns.

Bielefeld is still known for the bicycle industry. A long history full of innovation and tradition. At Gudereit we are proud to play our part. Founded in 1949, our company has three generations in Bielefeld. Always guided by high standards and open to new developments, Gudereit has consistently set standards in the industry. Gudereit wins the Olympic bikes on racing bikes and entered professional world championships. In the early 1990s, Gudereit was one of the first manufacturers to focus on the development of trekking bikes. Being a part of the whole, experiencing and writing history is our motivation.

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