Our story first began in the 70s, thanks to the passion of the Stocchetti-Rasia family for horseback riding. At that time there was no tradition of saddle production in Italy: German products were made using the most sought-after and prestigious European materials and techniques. The first saddle From the very beginning we aimed to create an innovative product to ensure that they are good for both horses and riders. Our innovative spirit has now grumbled in two important aspects: wood and leather. Initially we developed a wood tree with metal reinforcement. We looked for a material that could guarantee the same resistance and flexibility over time without losing shape. After extensive research, we created the first synthetic fiber frame using a balanced nylon and fiberglass composition. We also wanted to get rid of the traditions that determine the use of British leather. This indisputable quality material requires at least six months of use before adaptation to the drive. The search for a softer and more adaptable material that meets all the necessary technical requirements has inspired us to choose a beautiful Swiss leather. We created our first saddle in 1977. Evolution In the 80s, as the first Italian exhibitor at the Cologne trade fair, we organized an event that increased our visibility at the European level. An interesting piece of trivia: At that time, our saddles were distinguished not only by the choice of innovative materials, but also by their color. They were characterized by a dark brown hue to cereals to speak of lighter brown tonalities traditionally chosen by European saddlers. We have recently become the first company to offer color customization for sewing and decorations, which proved to be a great success. Our innovative intuition also inspired us to use parchment leather. Special and craftsmanship gives unique features to this special leather used to cover the rear of the saddle, thus protecting the bucket against impacts and friction. Today, our knowledge and techniques have been enriched by the contribution of professionals who reward our forward-thinking ideas by selecting our saddles. Our tradesmen worked passionately in accordance with the old techniques and brought them together perfectly with an innovation spirit that characterizes the lifeblood of the company.

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