Quality and service – Made in Germany. We produce high-quality personalised fabric labels, leather labels, wood labels, satin labels, metal labels, pendants, individual gift ribbon, paper stickers, nylon stickers, stickers for industrial use made from acrylate film, customised gift ribbon and event wristbands. We consider the following to be important: Personal service and expert consultation. Great freedom of design and uncomplicated ordering. Our ordering assistants allow us to adapt fonts, motifs and shapes in line with our customers' wishes. Short lead times. By optimising all production and dispatch processes, we keep lead times as short as possible. For instance, the shopping basket in our online shop is connected directly to production. Production also in small batches. Someone who is labelling small, exclusive collections frequently requires no more than 25 customised labels. In addition to large batches, we also offer small quantities, starting from just one item.

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