Expertise from a single source is what we provide in the field of plastics joining technology involving ultrasonic, hot plate and rotation welding: We employ this technology to build stand-alone machines, automation systems and standard machines including ultrasonic accessories and accessories for tool and mould making. Drawing on long-standing experience, we deliver designs and developments to the highest standards in quality and safety, combining these with fresh ideas that are guaranteed to boost the performance of your business. Whether you require ultrasonic welding machines with robotic parts loading, high-performance ultrasonic machines, hot sealing presses or automation systems with hot plates, we are the right partner for you. Additionally, we provide solutions for testing, positioning, assembly and handling machines and devices. We have based our philosophy on providing our customers with comprehensive consultation and support both in the lead-up to a project and following its completion. Ultimate quality and safety all the way – development and design, production and commissioning, service and training, all supplied from a single source.

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