We manufacture die-cast parts from magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys and on contract in our foundries in the Czech Republic, China and Switzerland. Our production facilities are extensively automated and suitable for medium- and large-scale series production (parts anywhere within the range of 500 g to >15 kg). We supply handbrake modules and circuits as a development partner for the automotive industry. We use cutting-edge 3D measuring machines and a laboratory for X-ray analysis, spectral analysis and strength analysis to ensure the quality of our products. Our CIP (Continual Improvement Process) ensures that our production processes are constantly optimised. We are certified in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 (Quality management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental management). Aluminium die casting, aluminium casting, aluminium parts, die casting, mould-making, aluminium foundry, light metal casting, magnesium die casting, aluminium and aluminium alloys, magnesium casting, tool manufacturing, vacuum die casting, structural casting, die-cast parts

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