The main activity of ENVOTECH LTD is to design and supply solutions for industrial and civil wastewater, as well as drinkable/primary water treatment plants and purification systems, in particular: - we have particular know-how in the treatment of water and wastewater in all industrial sectors, both food (such as dairies, bakeries, slaughterhouses, meat processing, wine producing and distilleries, etc) and non-food industries (such as mechanical, textile/dyes, chemical, pharmaceutical and paper mills, etc) - in the area of drinkable water, we supply solutions for the removal of metals as iron, manganese and arsenic, non metallic ionic compounds as nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, organic pollutants as pesticides and solvents, besides water softening systems and disinfection systems. We have developed our own Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units, they are of our complete design and production. We supply: filter nozzles for water treatment, lamella packs, sedimentation units / lamella clarifiers on request, pressure filters - granular medium pressure filters, stainless steel tanks, epoxy painted carbon steel tanks on request, etc

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34018 Softeners for residential application - Ecocompact
34019 Rotary drum filters - Drum screen
34020 Granular medium pressure filters
34021 Флотационни-инсталации-Флотатори
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