We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of pecan nut, bought and selected in the best pecan farms of México and processed whether into an almond without shell or to be sold on its shell, under the most strict quality standards and best practices to guarantee to the consumer a completely safe and clean product and with an excellent flavor. We are located on the heart of the Pecan production region of México, which makes our business really competitive, we source our pecans directly from the farmers, working together promoting their product and encouraging them to keep improving. The farms from where we source our product are Globalgap certified which assures the quality of the product and all the processes it has to go through. We have a capacity of more than 5000 Mtons of pecans in-shell per season, the harvesting season in Mexico starts mid October and finishes in late January when the cycle starts again to prepare for the next season. The In-Shell pecan is packed on a 25kg bag after a cleaning and sorting process and later on is put into a container where it will be sanitized before it´s doors are closed We also sell shelled pecans that you can find on different sizes, ready to use on the different industries such as cookies, ice cream, bakery, etc. Shelled pecan comes in a 13.6Kg corrugated carton box with a food grade bag inside. All the product goes with a Certification of Analysis

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