Since 2007, Agro Rost has been growing crops on their own and rented land. The main products of Agro Rost - coriander, chickpeas, yellow peas, green peas, red lentils, green lentils, beans, confectionery sunflower, oil flax, black mustard, yellow mustard, white mustard, sainfoin. Our customers are national cereal producers and spices, as well as packers and processors cereals and legumes.

The company owns equipment for bringing products to high quality standards. The company's production facilities allow modify every product delivered to a purity of 99.9%, sorted by color, as well as calibrate for fractions required by the customer. In addition, we offer customer-friendly packaging. Our products - a bag of 25, 50 kg, big bag or in bulk. Since 2017, Agro Rost has been supplying its products to the markets of Europe and Asia. Product companies already know in England, Germany, Italy, Israel, Libya, UAE, India.

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