PROFIS LTD is a Greek manufacturing company having set high objectives and quality production standards, from the very beginning of its foundation since 1970. Today the company specializes in PVC profile fittings, Co-extruded plastic profiles, Rigid profiles, Water stops, Special profiles for wooden frames and doors and PVC gaskets for glazing and aluminum systems. The company provides optimum solutions even for the most demanding and difficult plastic profile application, enriching the variety of its products regarding rubbers and plastic profiles for general applications by producing soft, rigid and co-extruded pvc profiles, such as support flanges for glass panels, several rubber types for aluminum constructions and public construction works, as well as home use rubbers and hard plastic profiles for indoor applications.We have a fully equipped production unit with modern production machinery, excellent infrastructure and great production capabilities for every demand.All our products are fully recyclable and environmental friendly. We have also managed to eliminate the waste during the manufacturing process. In addition any raw material packaging or waste that may result during production is treated and packaged with care until it is sent to the waste recycling companies.We provide solutions for successful completion or upgradation of your innovations and products like Plastic profiles for the aluminum industry, solar panels, heat insulation, construction support etc.

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