IMS IS THE LEADING BRAND IN THE FIELD OF TOOL HOLDERS FOR CNC MACHINES FOR IRONWORKING, WOODWORKING, AND MARBLE WORKINGI.M.S. was founded in 1969, is based in Sommariva Bosco, in Italy. Our production is focused on milling tools and encapsulates experience, technology, innovation and quality in all its forms. During the processing process, we strictly meet all standards: DIN, UNI and ASME. At your request, we can also issue test certificates. Thanks to the strong position acquired over decades of intensive activity IMS is able to act as a protagonist in the context of globalization of industry and maintain its identity, its own brand along with its operational autonomy.I.M.S.product range includes more than 20 000 standard codes products, besides a varied range of standard tools, we have the ability to produce special design tools. The high quality and innovative standards of our tool holders and ability to offer our customers a wide range of personalized services to satisfy every need and binding them in time, are our main strengths, which have always distinguished us, and allow us to maintain our leading position on the Italian and foreign markets. The synergies produced in this context, have contributed to the growth of the company through optimization of production and sharing of technological, logistical and marketing capabilities. OUR STRONG POINTS: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY, ATTENTION TO QUALITY, SERVICE AND AFTER-SALES SUPPORT, MAXIMUM SAFETY.

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