HAZET was founded in 1868 by Hermann Zerver.

The brand name "HAZET" has its roots in the initials of the founder, the "H" (HA) for Herman and the "Z" (ZET) for Zerver.

The fifth generation of HAZET is family-owned.

From the forge to CNC-controlled production, the highest technology, coupled with in-depth professional experience, accompanies the production process.

Plant II, a company designed according to the latest knowledge, is located in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and Holland with good transport links. With regard to the European market, the spacious logistics center is located there.

At the beginning of 2001, one of the most modern computer-controlled powder plants in Germany was put into operation in the Remscheid HAZET Plant III. Investments in a welding robot, a fully automatic laser cutting system, a punching and bending center continue to guarantee future excellence in sheet metal processing. In addition to the most diverse methods of sheet metal processing, the well-known "Assistent" tool trolleys are also manufactured here.

Sales structure:

HAZET works with experienced and long-standing partners in over 100 countries around the world. We have four representations and three sales offices in Germany. HAZET delivers exclusively through authorized dealers.

HAZET delivers:

- Importers, tool and machine trade, industrial supplies trade, production connection trade (PVH), automotive parts and accessories trade
- Iron, tool and household goods trade, automotive industry dependent distributors, automotive industry, original equipment manufacturers
- State Procurement agencies, oil companies, associations and cooperatives
- Catalog sender

The HAZET partners deliver to:

- Automotive industry, independent and automotive workshops, directing companies
- OEMs, petrol stations, end users, authorities and government procurement agencies
- Industrial companies, airlines, crafts and trades, oil companies

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