Established in 1976, Özduman Agricultural Machinery is constantly renewing itself with the enthusiasm of being rightful pride of being a pioneer company in this sector with the innovations and innovations it brought to the agricultural machinery sector with its professional team.

Özduman agricultural machinery products and services without sacrificing quality understanding of 9,000 square meters closed in a total area of 27,000 square meters of state-of-the-art CNC park, laser and plasma cutting machines, hydraulic and eccentric press machines park and robot welding machines and automation-based manufacturing system without error in today's conditions our customer is the boss of the principle of quality in mind, making the principle of production.

Özduman offers agricultural machinery, sowing machines, soil tillage machines and tractor safety cabins to our farmers with the latest technology. Knowing that quality and success are not dependent on coincidences, our company has been registered with the test reports and TSE manufacturing qualification certificates obtained from the Agricultural Machinery Department of the Faculty of Agriculture.

While Özduman is continuously reviewing our production in line with the demands coming from domestic and abroad as agricultural machines, we send our products to all over the world, especially to Europe, Balkan countries, North Africa, Turkish Republics, while we can reach domestic credit cooperatives, Pankobirlik, our wide dealer network and our factory directly. .

Özduman agricultural machinery with the developing technology and taking into account the development of our machines in today's conditions, our customers respectability, dedication, maintaining our seriousness in our work with our experienced colleagues will continue to be the pioneer of the agricultural machinery industry as always.

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