Mascar Spa is a manufacturer specializing in baling and sowing machines, producing a complete range of round balers, packaging machines, pneumatic and mechanical planters. I always work with a great passion in the field of agricultural machinery and for many years and in many countries I have learned that if someone is producing correctly, it is always successful in agricultural mechanization in an industrial manner and for the total satisfaction of the end customer. That's how I taught my sons and my employees. Founder of Antonio Maschio Mascar Spa Our two factories are located a few meters away from each other on a total area of 27,000 m2. We produce 95% of our equipment which ensures high quality control over all machine parts: assembly, laser cutting, bending and welding tools, painting station and spare parts warehouse automation make our product reliable and reduce our supply time to a great satisfaction of our customers. Our engineering team learns how to improve the field performance of our products, and to look at the latest technology in terms of both environmental impact and time savings. At present, our company exports 80% of its turnover to more than 35 foreign countries.

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