The Roter Italia Company begins its business journey in 1972, when the Forigo brothers gave birth to their first power arrows in a small Salizzole factory in Verona. The headquarters was then moved to Ostiglia (Mantua) on a larger area (25,000 m2); The center is there now. The name Roter Italia comes precisely from this power arrow: Roter means “rotating ve and depends on the tipping of these tools during soil breaking performance; Italia defines where Forigo machines are manufactured. All Roter Italia production is based in Italy and distributed under the FORIGO brand. Production is divided into two lines: the classic line on the agricultural sector: power arrow, rotary tiller, grinders, leaf toppers Special line on the horticulture industry, horticulture and special products: stone burner, bed former, poliformer, ridger, mulching machines and sterilizers application fluid or solid fumigants products ground ...

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