ARKILIÇ DTM, which operates in the field of sales and marketing in the sector. PAZ: SAN. LTD. Sti. aims to be one of the leading companies in the field of production with the Ventino brand.

It aims to be the most trusted brand with its strong and technical staff, to grow with its products as one of the leading and innovative companies of the sector, to gain competitive advantage to our customers, and to continue its path with unconditional customer satisfaction.

In line with the changing and developing expectations, Ventino creates unique designs with different styles and lines created in living spaces. However, it should not be forgotten that successful designs can only be permanent by combining quality. Acting in line with this vision, ventino has formed its own corporate quality structure from production to after-sales service. Furthermore, it has registered its structure with CE and ISO 9001 quality management which is accepted in the international arena.

It should be remembered that safety and durability are indispensable in the product groups mentioned. Therefore, in ventino products, components of 100% local production of which quality is registered are used. In addition, after-sales service offers consumer-oriented flexible solutions.

Having adopted the principle of diversifying its product and service range in line with the specified criteria, Ventino will continue to add value to the sector by increasing its competitiveness in this way.

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