FIB srl – FAAM Energy Saving Battery, founded in 2013 by SERI Group ( ), have took over the activities of FAAM and IBF, which have been founded and operated since 1974. FAAM brand is present in the field of lead-acid storage batteries since the early 70s and has always been distinctive of high technological quality of the starter battery. From the late '80s, in addition, FAAM unveils industrial batteries (both for transport and for stationary use), and has become representative sign also for electric vehicles. FAAM brand has been in the field of highly efficient energy storage systems, using both lead and lithium for motive, stand-by and starter power. The performance, safety and efficiency of FAAM solutions are guaranteed by technology developed by FAAM. New devices are being developed to provide active balance and energy waste reduction from phase balancing. All this in line with the FAAM philosophy: Energy Saving Battery.

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