Today, HUCHEZ is France's leader in the complete design and manufacture of manual or motorized cranes in its workshops in France (in Ferrières, an hour away from Paris).
HUCHEZ cranes are designed and manufactured to answer all lifting or traction problems in all contexts and in all sectors (industry, aerospace, construction, marine and river transport, show-work industries ...).
HUCHEZ also designs and manufactures a wide range of materials for other types of applications: lifting / towing (lifting and towing cranes) or lifting personnel (SECURITREUIL ...).

Its R & D is based on the expertise of its engineers, external consultants and specialist researchers to respond to customer requests for lifting or pulling / pulling, following the applicable rules and regulations.
Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of 5 people, this section is devoted to developing new products and new crane ranges. They are all equipped with new technologies (electronics, composite materials) and the latest tools (3D, ergonomics and rapid prototyping).
HUCHEZ follows a very active innovation policy, which is translated into regular translation of models or patents with INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

HUCHEZ controls every step of crane production: DESIGN - PROCESSING - ASSEMBLY - TEST.
The quality of HUCHEZ products is a priority for our company: Cranes are inspected at every stage of production - the keys to their reputation.
Each electric winch is tested on the test bench to ensure the reliability of its components and durability.
Since 2001, HUCHEZ has been certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 for its quality management system.

Human and direct relationships are the key to HUCHEZ: Your team is at your disposal to provide technical advice to guide you to the best matched device for your project.
Our team is constantly trained to address the need for new security regulations around the world, and to assist you in this complex field.
HUCHEZ is a member of CISMA (“Construction, Infrastructures, Sidérurgie et Manutention”) and FIM (Fédération des Industries Mécaniques).


. 2015 turnover: EUR 7.6 million.
. HUCHEZ exports 35% of its turnover to Europe, but also in many African countries, the Middle East…
. HUCHEZ employs about 55 people.
. 2 plants found in France.

Our values
. Our team's knowledge and expertise in each field (Production, Design, Sales…).

. An active innovation policy: HUCHEZ relies on the design team to design products tailored to the continuous development of the needs of professionals.

. Quality of our products: Our products are designed according to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42 / CE and the applicable European standards.

. A business open to the world: With a high capacity to adapt to the specific needs of these markets, a team of 3 people is fully dedicated to those countries located in Europe, Africa, the Middle East ...

These values, which are realized by men and women, give priority to the development of Huchez and welcome the priorities of our customers.

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