Standen is an independent privately owned company; manufacturers of Standen Potato Systems and Standen Powavator rotary tillers which are sold through a dealer network. Standen-Reflex is our imported machinery division, selling products directly to end users.
Standen Potato Systems products:
Bed formers
Rotary tillers
Stone and clod separators
Potato planters
Roller and Star separation modules for harvesters and grading lines
Our design teams are constantly refining our products and developing new technologies; many of these are protected by worldwide patents.
Custom built machines for sweet potato, miscanthus, onion, carrot, red beet, swede, parsnip and turnip topping and harvesting are available to order.
Standen Potato Systems also includes products imported from the Netherlands; Baselier hook-tine cultivators and potato toppers. Keulmac onion toppers, onion windrowers, and Maclouis onion toppers complete the range.
Standen-Reflex products:
Arc tying machines
Briand washing/grading equipment
CM plastic laying/retrieving machines
Fedele trans-planters
Regero trans-planters
Simon bed makers and harvesters for root vegetables, leeks, and salads
Standen-Reflex precision fertiliser applicators
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54317 Standen QM Windrower
54318 Standen T3 Harvester
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