Our company «Intensive technologies» LLC.Co. produce an agriculture machines for cattle feeding and keeping under brand «Hozain».

Combine together modern technology, the experience of leading European manufacturers, taking into account the specifics of operation in our geographical and economic conditions, we have created reliable and indispensable equipment that works 365 days a year.

We are leaders in CIS on produced trailed techniques for agriculture in segment of feeding machines and semi-trailers for agriculture. Our share of the market in Russia is about 40% in our range of the goods.

Under trade brand «Hozain» we produce:
•total mixed ratio mixers of horizontal and vertical types;
•straw blowers for cattle bedding;
•semi-trailers for transportation of agricultural cargoes;
•manure spreaders.

More than 7000 machinery units (predominantly cutters and mixers for feed dispensers) have been supplied to buyers in CIS countries over 20 years of activity. In the beginning of 2019 more than 2500 farms in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan successfully operate the machinery «Hozain».

On the whole, our sales are growing mainly due to sales in the Russian Federation, and the company realizes opportunities and prospects for its development.

Our company is interested in cooperation with new dialers (Trade Company) who work in their countries in EU and could sell our products on their markets.

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