Millions of Socks

When we first started selling socks online in June 1999, we could never have dreamed that one day we would have sold millions of socks. Our best-selling classic calf socks made a career for themselves by selling millions all on their own. Other models have also now broken the million barrier.

Hundreds of Thousands of Colorful Socks

In 1999, the name said it all: BLACKSOCKS sold nothing but black socks until 2008. Now things are different. Our plain, patterned, and brightly colored socks are becoming more popular every year. This is not likely to change any time soon, even if everyday business outfits have become drastically different over the past 20 years. Take a look at our shop.

More Than 100 Countries

We now ship our socks to over 100 countries. Although our native land of Switzerland is still our top market, we are increasingly operating outside of the country. The USA and Germany regularly vie for position as our second largest market. We of course have lots of more exotic locations like the Maldives where we have four customers, even if it is not really a sock country!

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