• Grain CAD separator since 2001 is the main grain cleaning machine for farmers and grain processers. «AEROMEH» Limited Liability Company is innovative enterprise of Ukraine, which is the developer and manufacturer of grain cleaning equipment – CAD separators.
  •  We make useful machinery for people.
  •  We are constantly developing and contribute to your development.
  •  We created the technology of obtaining high-yield seeds, which is implemented in aerodynamic CAD separator.
  •  We invent, design, produce, implement, teach and learn ourselves, creating new and efficient grain cleaning equipment.
  •  Our grain cleaning CAD separators successfully work all over the world, bringing profit to their owners.
  •  Grateless grain CAD separator was created for many years, by means of laborious research work in the field of engineering and agronomy, that’s why it is so reliable and efficient.
  •  We own more than 65 patents for invention, including those international, therefore our CAD separators are unique and received such vast application all over the world.
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