Dyson is a multinational household appliance company with a global reach. Renowned for its vacuum cleaners, fans and heaters, the British brand also produces electric towel and hair dryers, purifiers, humidifiers, LED lamps and lighting systems for the home, office and retail. The company has its official headquarters in Singapore and exports its collections worldwide to over 65 countries. Founded in 1991, the brand now has more than 12,000 employees distributed throughout the world, including 1,000 engineers engaged in the design and development of new technical, functional and aesthetic solutions. Dyson's prominence in the sector can be attributed to the company's marked propensity for technological innovation, demonstrated by the countless new technologies introduced over the years, especially in the fields of vacuum cleaners and fans. Dyson's research activity extends to a variety of areas including artificial intelligence, machine learning, hardware, software, robotics, fluid dynamics, vision systems and acoustic systems. Dyson's flagship Research and Development Campus in Malmesbury, England occupies 56 acres and houses almost 130 laboratories, where approximately 200 technological projects are developed. The Dyson mission is to apply software, hardware and artificial intelligence to space management in order to increase livability and comfort through technological innovation. To date, the brand owns roughly 7,500 patents.

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