Our production facility in business for automotive industry with 15 years of experience about precision casting is continuing its journey as KONYA HASSAS SERAMİK DOKUM CO. LTD. (KHD) by extending its service network in 2006.

As KONYA HASSAS DOKUM CO. TD (KHD) that established in 2006 as subsidiary company of NEYYSAN, the leader of its sector, we can cast various parts between 1 gr and 30 kg in ISO 9001 quality standards by using two different induction ovens in our precision casting facility that supported by cutting edge technology and fund of R&D and high analysis laboratory.

Our company can cast parts for these industries: Automotive Industry, Machine-Agriculture Industry, Defense and Military Industry, Medical Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Valve and Pump Industry…

Since it was established, our company has become an important solution center / brand for the sector through its business line, customer relations, improving expert staff, consideration for human, nature and social values. KHD PRECISION CASTING is a supplier company and also a supporter company for its customers by working as production development partner. We have 60.000 kg-per-month capacity by casting parts from 1g to 50 kg in 2.000 sqm indoor space. As casting materials: we are using steel, stainless, ductile iron, aluminum and copper alloys. These materials are tested in our metallurgy laboratories which has international and Europe standards about equipment.

Our chemical analysis spectrometer helps us to control alloys in liquid metal casting stage. Right along with this stage, we have physical tests, microscopical analysis and dimensional size controls. Also; processes like mold design, processing, heat treating and coating can be done by us or our verified suppliers.

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