As of 2013, Aksa has started its activities by establishing a one of the largest sales rifle sales network in the world. Our company is established on a closed area of 1.500 m2 of facilities and more than 40 experienced staff with high quality CNC production is done.

Our products, which are produced in different standards such as air rifles, shotguns and sports rifles in high standards and sold in many countries all over the world, increase its diversity day by day. Our production capacity of high quality shotguns with technology and modern equipment has increased considerably today.


Aksa Arms hunting rifles, which are excellent durability products, are resistant to effects thanks to the material preferred in production. It is marked with a special design to minimize mechanical damage in the event of falls and corrosion.
While each shotgun model is different in design and style, all Aksa Arms hunting gun models are tailor-made.

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