LITMA is a modern shoe factory that manufactures shoes for daily use.

The factory's history dates back to September 2, 1998, when General Manager Vasyl Mykhalskiy set up a small workshop equipped with several limited old machines and allowed the company to produce a limited number of household shoes. Despite humble beginnings, Litma set a quality principle; this meant that the quality of the products was a priority for the company. Since starting to operate in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years, LITMA has been developing its technologies and expanding its production facility to become an expert in footwear production.

Today Litma shoe factory produces for men, women and children:

- Rain boots made of PVC with a wide range of colors

- Direct injection PVC soles with natural textile material at the top

- water-repellent snow boots, upper with wool fur lining and waterproof TR outsole (galoshe)

- Slip sandals with injection polyurethane sole

- TPU / PU-based leisure shoes injected under TM Litma URBAN

We focus on product diversity and quality, as well as constantly researching consumers' needs and requirements, styles, materials and technology to be used.

All production units of the company are organized in one factory, which means that the entire production process is kept in place. This integration contributes to effective control of shoe production and guarantees the high quality standards of the final product. Litma is constantly investing in new machines and modern technologies and our team is experienced in injection PVC, TR, TPU / PU materials and handmade seams of upper parts.

Since we continue to progress both conceptually and technically, the company includes a wide range of collaborations with Italian companies, shoe designers, product developers, material and machine manufacturers, who have implemented modern ideas about shoe design and production.

Litma shoes guarantee quality and lifetime comfort.

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