Octa Light Bulgaria was established in 2010 as a research and production center for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in Bulgaria. The company's shareholders Monbat AD - 51% and Octagon International EOOD - 49%. Octa Light owns a state-of-the-art technological production facility 40 km away from Godech, Bulgaria. from the capital Sofia. The factory has 11.500 m2 production facilities, micro and electronic clean rooms, fully equipped electronic assembly lines, robotic LED lamp assembly lines, laboratories and so on. covers. The company has R & D expert staff in microelectronics, electronics, lighting design.

Octa Light has patents and knowledge in the field of light emitting diode LED lighting systems. Today Octa Light is a fully vertically integrated manufacturer in the LED lighting business: a wide range of Light Emitting Diodes covering modern lighting requirements: high power LEDs, low and medium power PLCC, COB LEDs, color and RGB LEDs, UV and Special application LEDs such as IR. A set of LED motors ready to apply. OEM & ODM manufacturer of LEDs and LED modules and components. Company, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, etc. It offers high quality Electronic Manufacturing Services services including customers from other businesses as well. A flexible portfolio of LED luminaires for indoor, industrial, outdoor, street and other lighting applications. High efficiency LED retrofit lamps - bulbs and tubes. LED lighting projects, lighting measurements and controls.

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