Efe Glass, glass art was founded in 1991 with the cooperation of those who love. Efe Glass has been operating in Istanbul Küçükköy with a production capacity of 22 tons per day and a closed production facility of 10,000 square meters and 300 employees. Since the installation process, Efe Glass has been combining materials, design and R & D to create glass objects. has found its place among the leading companies. Working with international standards and quality principle in production efe glass, high quality raw materials in its products, high-tech production machines, professionally trained manpower serves. Efe Glass is committed to producing high quality products with its years of experience and experience. continues to produce with tossing, pressing, shedding and blowing groups. The lighting and glassware products produced with this love offer a wide range with single glass, table lamp, luminaire and chandelier glasses in Efe glass lighting group which decorates the shelves of distinguished stores in many countries of the world, especially in Europe and America. In the glassware group; bathroom glass accessories, desktop and fashion and products that are in line with daily trends. Efe glass people and design-oriented products today attracts interest in many domestic housing projects, especially Toki and Kiptaş are used in this day. Efe glass, which is also interested in the production of glassware and lighting products as well as special projects, is able to produce in accordance with the demands with its product and service quality. Efe glass project discovery consulting with a large project team for these demands has always been on the side of customers in the right product selection and mold creation.

One of the most important elements in glass making is transparency. This element is perhaps not as important for any material. Because of the transparency of the glass is invisible until other materials. Glass art; Describing Efe Glass is the most important factor that connects to this art. Efe Glass has the opportunity to apply the advantage of being a manufacturer in glass art with the demands of its customers. Transparent windows where dreams come true with a breath held on fire and products that come to life in skillful hands. The need of this day is the souls of the artist who touches with love on fire to add a new one every day to the works of culture and our future.

Glass goes through many stages to be present in our lives. Here, all processes from production to packaging come to life and are managed with the principle of quality and customer satisfaction. In this journey that started with a passion, Efe Glass, which gives spirit to glass with fire and art and love and continues this journey with the motto ın The Lord of the Glass Ef, will continue to grow in the sector with the awareness of environmental and social responsibility.

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