Hydraulico was founded in 1946 in Denmark. Throughout the company's history, Hydraulico has produced over 4,000 prints for customers worldwide. The design, manufacture and production of advanced hydraulic presses are still the core competencies of Hydraulico.

Today, however, the presses are often delivered as part of a complete production system. Using the latest developments in hydraulic, robotics, software solutions and computer-based automation systems, we design and deliver cost-effective production lines that are specially designed.

Our continuous focus on detailed research, design and development of better technologies. We strive to improve and improve our products through the efforts of employees and partners. In this way, we will continue to invent and offer front-end solutions for our customers around the world.

Hydraulico worldwide
Our customers are used to produce products such as presses, wheelbarrows, suitcases, containers, sinks, bathtubs, automotive parts, gas cylinders, pots and pans and window parts. We also offer production lines for rail forging and heat exchanger production.

Printing capacities range from 100 to 5,000 tons and presses are manufactured according to customer specifications. The product range also includes discharge presses, crimping-forming presses, forging presses and laboratory presses.

Hydraulico has established itself worldwide and manages all types of technology related to hydraulic presses and production.

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