In 1970, Özen Compressor started its production adventure in a small workshop by Mehmet Özen. The company has more than 45 years of experience in the production of machinery.

Providing solutions for the compressed air needs of its customers with its advanced production technology, Özen Compressor; from piston compressors to screw compressors (in the pressure range from 2.5 bar to 40 bar), from screw boosters to driers and filters. Durability and efficiency of the products in the foreground Ozen Compressors, Turkey and responds to the needs of small and large-scale customers from every industry worldwide demand for compressed air.

In addition to its own sales and service operations, Özen Compressor stands by its customers with a reliable distributor network spread across the country. Compressed air industry in key Ozen, one of the players compressor in Turkey, to provide 45 making the country's exports and more efficient products to its customers, Selcuk University in the R & D center in Innopark and conducting studies with Sakarya University.

With its renewed factory and advanced production technologies, it has a wide range of products with screw compressors covering a significant production percentage and low, medium and high pressure air compressors, driers and filters in the pressure range from 2.5 bar to 40 bar.

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