Shoes are health, elegance, fashionable; expenses before you; they wait in front of the door while you are inside;

Shoes are the fruits of hard work and hard work; The shoes are the footprints you leave everywhere you step.

Shoes are needs that last for centuries; and these needs are met by Konya, Sahara. Sahara gives you health and safety at every step. Sahra brings world-class services to your doorstep.

Sahra Shoe Company, which left an indelible impression for years, is taking big steps from Konya to the whole world. In 1996, the production of shoemakers in Konya started in the industrial zone; and Aykent Organized Industrial Zone, Sahra Shoes Company is proud of its Forexanatomic and Sahra brands with its 2700 pairs of shoes production in a closed area of 1400 square meters weekly.

Various specifications are required when choosing shoes; however, health is the most obvious specification. Please have fun while taking care of your Sahara feet. With the new Forexanatomic system, nothing is considered because the new system offers medically recommended products; special latex orthopedic insoles designed for breathing; shock absorber system and air duct ducts. Flexible, soft, non-slip and air suspension structure with forex anatomical technology, a big step towards the world.

Sahra designs with orthopedic and ventilation systems are aimed not only in elegance but also in health. The floor-mounted air circulation system guarantees a balance of heat and humidity. Therefore, products that are primarily good for people with diabetes are pioneers in the prevention of toes, bacteria, athlete's feet, infections and other foot diseases.

Bringing customers together with new designs every year, Forexanatomic and Sahra use first class materials and natural leather with high sense of responsibility at every stage of production and adopt customer satisfaction as the main philosophy. The company's quality products range from Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Albania and Egypt.

Sahra and Forexanatomic are progressing step by step in order to have a voice in domestic and foreign markets and continue to serve their customers in 2012 showroom in AYMAKOOP / Istanbul industrial zone. The company presents its quality to the public by attending major shoe fairs in Istanbul and Izmir.

Having an important position in the increasingly important orthopedic and air-conditioned shoe industry, Sahra Footwear Company is constantly walking towards serving its customers without compromising on quality and adopting its philosophy.

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