It was founded in 1972 by Cevdet ÇUHADAR in a workshop in Ankara big industry. In 1984, Ostim moved to the workshop which is currently operating as a service within the organized industry. In 1999, with the management of Mustafa and Kemal Çuhadar, the second generation from father to son, took the first steps towards stable growth by adopting the principle of producing the best quality product and moving the product quality further.

In the face of today's competitive conditions, developing consumer rights and social awareness, it has been entitled to receive ISO9001-2000 Certificates in 2005 with the production of the highest quality products, flexible production solutions, wide product range, customer satisfaction and proper operation of the continuously improving quality management system. Aiming to be the best in the industry since its first establishment and to produce the highest quality product. Çuhadar Trailer, which does not fit in Ostim, moved to its factory which was started to be built on a 3000 m2 closed and 2000 m2 open area in Ankara Kazan in 2007 and continues to grow in the sector in 2008. The vision of the company does not compromise on the quality of business with a corporate understanding of technology and R & D studies by continuing to consider human and environmental health, among the objectives of our company; To be a leader in the market and to allocate 30% of our monthly production capacity to export.

In line with the vision of being a company that is identified with QUALITY in trailer manufacturing, we wish to undertake many successful works under the roof of ÇUHADAR TREYLER.

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