Innovating. Focusing on the future. Moving forward. Following these ideas, we are changing and improving to be able to offer you only the highest level of services. Since 2011 well known transport companies, oriented on international cargo deliveries, operate under a common brand - APS. Such changes are the reflection of our business philosophy. The principles on which our work has always been based on have transformed into precise standards, which we responsibly provide to you today. "The Solver!" – This is who we would like to become for you, promising to solve your tasks, regardless of their complexity, no matter what’s the distance, or time of the day, or any other difficulty. With APS solution to any request will seem simple to you. Our professional team will take over the entire process: figuring out all the details of your need, analyzing all features of the transportation. You will get the desired result without any extra effort or headache. Companies that chose the APS as their partner in the field of transportation and logistics notice right away – we are different. And this difference lies not only in the presence of our own truck pool, customs carrier licenses or other documents and infrastructure, which are necessary for qualified and prompt deliveries. We are different because due to our philosophy and approach to work, which formed the basis of precise standards for APS brand. Slogan APS "The Solver!" reflects our views of work and customer relations. APS team shares the values ​​of the brand, we understand, that customer needs are not only in organizing cargo delivery, but in solving a particular task. This is our job.

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