Founded in 2010, KazBeef is the largest producer of marbled beef in Kazakhstan. Vertically-integrated, Kazbeef adheres to high standards and uses state-of-the-art technologies at every stage of production with “from grain to steak” approach. Owning 40000 hectares of agricultural land, company controls the full process from growing the feed grain to feedlot operations, monitored by FHMS (Canada). Known for high productivity, Black Angus breed is raised here with the output of 5000 heads per year. Strong genetics, no hormones or antibiotics treatment and nutritious feed are crucial for marbling and great taste of the meat. The 21-day Wet Aging technique makes the taste even more intense. The marbled beef comes in 3 degrees: Select, Choice and Prime and wide range of premium and alternative cuts. Kazbeef complies with international standards as FSSC 22000 and NAMP. The cattle is slaughtered in accordance with muslim rituals

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