The transport activity of the GRM family dates back to 1977, when Anton Grm began his independent transport business in the former Yugoslavia. In 2015, Anton Grm transformed his company into a limited liability company Grm d.o.o., which was taken over by his son Tomaž Grm, and his daughter began her independent business with the establishment of Vamat d.o.o.

Grm d.o.o. and Vamat d.o.o. work closely together performing the road freight transport, offering warehousing, cargo handling, vehicle maintenance and other business services such as accounting and tax consulting. The fleet of both companies includes over 40 state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly trucks, offering the transport capacity for larger cargo quantities – up to 120 m3. Regular maintenance and updating of the vehicle fleet makes it possible for reliable and efficient performance of the logistics services. In this way, we competitively follow the requirements of the market and fulfil the requests of even the most demanding customers.

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