Makoha Tech is a metalworking company. Our company is based in Adana. Makoha Tech has stood for top quality for over 15 years. Makoha Tech quickly expanded the company into a reliable manufacturer and supplier of technical rubber, metal and plastic products, etc., for example for machine building, medical industry, shipping, agricultural industry, bicycle industry, motor and automotive industry. Makoha Tech is your specialist with a highly innovative character. You can be confident that we deliver quality and carry out our work with craftsmanship. With our certifications, practical knowledge and experience we are a professional, reliable cooperation partner for all kinds of companies at home and abroad. Thanks to our excellent price-quality ratio, we build a long-term relationship with our clients. Quality assurance and thorough tool management are a common thread through our work. That is why we are very strong in our craftsmanship. Looking for a right part? As an all-round metalworking company Makoha Tech has a very wide range. In our modern factory hall are the best machines that a metalworking company can purchase. We have a machine ready for every kind of metal working. Our skilled employees ensure the desired end result.

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