Founded in 2006, MICROMETAL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wickeder Westfahlenstahl. Our company is certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Our continuous manufacturing plant enables the manufacture of etched endless metal belts. The raw material is unwound from a reel and conveyed through all the etching process stations. This reel-to-reel etching procedure has only been mastered by a small number of companies worldwide. MICROMETAL delivers products with structures that cannot be created with conventional etching procedures or other micro-machining processes. Typical etched parts include filters, sieves, needles, lancets, blades, contacts, diffusers, encoders, technical springs, functional surfaces. Advantages: Unique precision, free from strain and burrs, various metals and alloys, product ready for delivery, individually wound on reels, on raw boards or separately, customer-specific total solutions through additional added value.

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