JTC is a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial blenders with factory facilities in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. Its parent company Taiwan Star Industrial Inc. came to prominence through designing and manufacturing telephone sets and PCB controllers—the command center of small appliances. Over a twenty-year period of success in OEM / ODM services, JTC PCB controllers made their ways into numerous home appliances—including well-known international brands such as Italy’s De'Longhi, America’s Holmes and Honeywell, and Japan’s Sanyo and National—developing a reputation of “JTC Inside” as being synonymous to the highest quality and technology excellence in the industry. After thirty years of efforts in designing electronic and home appliances, we have firmly built a solid foundation for success based on our technology, experience, and dedication.
As a result of continuous expansion and development, today JTC owns a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated factory. Key processes such as plastic mold design and development, plastic injection molding and assembly, electronic PCB control board design and processing, IC programming, production of motors, silk-screen printing, pad printing, and processing of wire terminals and blade metal processing are all carried out on-site. This strategic advantage has enabled us to achieve a self-production rate of over 90%, tightly control quality while reducing cost, mass-produce to meet market demand, therefore provide customers with the most attractive pricing and the best price-performance available on the market, and constantly boost our competitiveness.

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