Maquinaria Agrícola Solà is a family business. The story begins with Andreu Solà Suarez, a humble blacksmith's son, who emphasized his entrepreneurial spirit and a natural concern for the development of agricultural equipment from a very young age. Only 25 years old, deeply concerned, ambitious and a great entrepreneur, the figure seems to be the power of this new self-taught new industrialist, who made the miracle of the economic recovery of those years possible.

When the most important agricultural transformation of the XX century began in a timid manner, we are talking about the new people of the 60s with the post-war panorama.

The Solà brand has quickly become the new meaning of insemination. Standing at the forefront of new trends, Andreu Solà has taken a place in the sowing machinery market in Spain, referring to the many technological advances involved in the machines.

From the 80s, Solà took part in a revolutionary model in Spain and the rest of Europe. The EURO-888 seeder allows for the sowing and fertilization of the same workmanship and has adapted the sowing in a compact way to the device, a conditioner that foresees and conditions the seed bed. This model confirms the motto defining Solà: “Good planting”.

In 1996, Mr. Andreu Solà passed away at an early age of 64. At that moment, Andrei's sons, Jordi and Xavier, took over the management of the company and ensured its continuity.

There have been fundamental structural changes for years in industry and especially in agriculture. In an increasingly globalized world, under the guidance and guidance of tremendously competitive and Jordi (CEO), the company is now positioned in international markets in more than 25 countries.

Solà, AGRAGEX, ANSEMAT, FEMAC, VDMA, etc. He is actively involved in many of the most prestigious associations in Spain and Europe.

Solà periodically participates in the most important agricultural machinery fairs and exhibitions: SIMA in Paris, FIMA in Zaragoza, EIMA in Bologna and AGRITECHNICA in Hannover, as technical innovation.

Today, Maquinaria Agrícola Solà has become the meaning of thought and professionalism that thousands of people are satisfied after using our products.

Today, a new manpower cares and encourages the continuity and future of the third generation of the Solà family, Ginevra Solà; it gives illusion and optimism to the development of the third major agricultural revolution: it pioneers biotechnology and technology applied to agriculture.

The highlights of Maquinaria Agrícola Solà's evolution are:

- In 1996, he acquired the LAMUSA brand and the technical information related to it (leading planting machine in Spain for more than 100 years).

- In 1999, it started to sell pneumatic seeders with the known Accord System.

- In 2003, the development of a new PROSEM line for precision seed drill began.

- In 2009, an important cooperation agreement was signed between CMA and Maquinaria Agrícola Solà to supply and mechanize the Algerian market.

- In 2014, a distribution center was opened in Burgos and Seville.

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