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Perfectly tuned
The claim that we manufacture as many components as possible guarantees robust, durable and practical high-quality equipment.

In particular, the production of our own cutting rods and mower drives, the exceptional vertical production range with self-produced gearboxes, and finally, at least, the development, design and production of our own attachments, ensure perfect adjustment even under heavy loads.

Köppl's special KORODUR® blades provide excellent cutting results with long life, stability and excellent cutting accuracy.

The double-blade crankshaft with counter-drive of both blades ensures fringe-free mowing and at the same time increases mowing efficiency. DUOCUT® rod blades operate virtually vibration-free.

Innovative, high-quality blades, knife backs, spring presses, drives and blade protection. In short: All the basic components of the Köppl beam blade drives and the cutting rods are produced entirely in-house. The service in particular is a big plus and the excellent interaction.

Our first-class equipment is constantly tested, developed and improved, so you always have the best material and the latest Köppl know-how.

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