About the company

UPRO NATURE is the result of common investment by the Iranian UPRO Company and the Italian company NATURE. The ultimate goal of the company is the production of products according to the standards used in the European target markets.

This can be achieved through using the Italian modern technology and the rich Iranian resources. Having decades of experience both in Iran and Italy, the two sides finally decided to share their potential and actual capabilities and form a joint venture. The venture has opened doors to a promising future. UPRO NATURE products are supplied to the market with the brand name MEYRO™. The major product of the company is fresh Pomegranate, especially produced to be exported to Europe and Asia and its byproducts including, pomegranate seeds, concentrate, juice, vinegar and sauce. The company’s other products include: pistachio, lime, grapefruit, saffron, date and its byproducts, herbs, dried vegetables, and spices. The products are all chosen from the best types, and the process applied during the production is in accordance with especial standards set for exports to Europe. .