About the company

Naksan Plastik, which started to serve as a manufacturer in the field of plastic packaging in 1979, now continues its production on a total area of 400,000 m2, 300,000 m2 of which is closed area. Naksan Plastik, the leader of the sector with the position of supplier of all industrial, agricultural and service sectors, produces industrial shrink films, strech films, pallet covers, heavy duty bags, greenhouse covers, mulch films, home textile packages, flexible packages and all kinds of printed and unprinted bags and bags.

as well as the sector leader in Turkey, is among the few packaging manufacturers in the world. Naksan Plastik has one of the largest facilities in the Middle East and Europe with an annual production of over 280,000 tons of packaging, and has succeeded to become a global company with 2000 employees and strong financial structure. Naksan Plastik, which is the most important supplier of many companies both at home and abroad, has organized its operation not only in production, but also in all its post-production services with the understanding of perfection. Since 1995, Turkey's top 500 companies among the Naksan Plastik, # 82 took place in 2015. According to ICI data Naksan Plastik is the provider of the 300 firms in Turkey's largest 500 industrial organizations list. Always aiming high quality, systematically researching the developments in the sector and presenting innovations to its customers, Naksan Plastik is a world brand with its exports to 140 countries. Naksan Plastik carries out its activities with dedication, stability and determination with the responsibility of its position. .

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