About the company

Hangcha Group Co. , Ltd.

is one of China's most extensive professional forklift R&D manufacturers. There are 77 subsidiaries, nine joint stock companies, and more than 4200 employees. Our sales volume has been among the best in the industry for over ten years, and Hangcha is the forklift manufacturer and exporter in China. According to MMH (Modern Material Handling) magazine, Hangcha ranks 8th in the world in terms of sales volume. Worldwide, the industrial vehicle sales volume is over 7%. Hangcha Group offers a complete fleet of material handling equipment from internal combustion forklifts, electric counterbalance forklifts, warehouse equipment, side loader, tow truck, container crane, empty container stackers, and rough terrain forklifts, telescopic arm forklifts. Independently developed new products have won Science and Technology Progress Awards at the city to the state level. We were honored with the National Customer Satisfaction Product, and our top products got the national export exemption qualification. With the development model of "strengthening marketing and cost control and improving production management," the Company has a solid global supplier team, an efficient production support system, and a strong marketing service network of more than 60 sales service companies and more than 500 domestic companies.