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Rotor Rake Rake

Rotary grass harvesters turn the grass and straw that are mowed in the field into a barrel (row) and make them ready for baler or self-collecting silage wagons. With its horizontally placed rakes, it prevents soil and stones from entering the barrel, ensuring that the bale or silage is healthier and has a higher nutritional value. The working height of the machine can be adjusted under the gearbox so that the formed barrels are very smooth, well ventilated and not mixed with each other. Thus, a problem-free collection can be made with a baler or self-collecting silage wagon. The rake arms of the machine are put into the passenger position by being attached to the carrying slots on the main body for safe transport on the road. The machine is long-lasting thanks to the quality parts used in the chassis, arms, transmission, transmission systems and springs.

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