Asılı Tip Atomizer Püskürtme Makinesi
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Hanging Type Atomizer Spraying Machine

General features It is connected to the tractor from 3 points by its hydraulic arms. The pressure required for spraying is provided by hydraulic membrane pumps. The pump takes its movement from the tractor PTO. A fiberglass (reinforced) or polyethylene tank is used as a spraying tank. The turbo fan on the machine provides compressed air to its surroundings with its propeller, which takes its movement from the tractor PTO. As a standard, the motion is transferred to the turbo fan with a belt-pulley assembly. With the separator on the fan, the fan is prevented from turning by taking it to idle when desired. The air flow rate can be controlled by adjusting the direction of the moving propeller of the fan. By adjusting the angle (spray) and direction of the nozzles on the fan or by changing the plates, the shot distance and the amount of drug dispensed can be adjusted. By using the distributor valves on the regulator, medication can be delivered to the right, left or both directions. Turbo fan offers average throw distance. Optional Features Comet brand Italian pumps can be used. Appropriate apparatus can be added to the turbo fan. Spraying arm or hose wrapping apparatus can be connected to the front of the turbo fan. Movement transmission can be provided with a 3-stage (slow / fast speed - empty stage) gearbox. Turbo fans can use a plastic or brass turbo nozzle with or without a drip cutter. Optionally, a hose gun can be supplied with the machine.

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